what is your Rx for this patient ?

This hypersegmented neutrophil is present along with macro-ovalocytes in a case of pernicious anemia. Compare the size of the RBC’s to the lymphocyte at the lower left cent 1. what is your Rx for this patient ? 2. What are the other investigation you

Diffuse swelling of his tongue

  Question A 75-year-old man presented to the emergency department with diffuse swelling of his tongue that had begun a few hours earlier. He had no known history of allergies. He had been taking antihypertensive  twice daily for the past three years . Treatment

Identify the lesion,

A 30 year old woman present with a skin lesion,circular scaling lesions with central healing and active raised inflammatory edge.She also has areas of baldness in the scalp with broken hair stumps.And her nails appear thickened,discolored,brittle and distorted. 1.What is this lesion? 2.How would
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